Our story

Bang & Lazár began its life in late 2018 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The two co-founders, Peter and Dimmer, met thanks to a common friend in the car scene. Their common passion for cars and driving has quickly lead first to a freindship. They soon found themselves jumping into their first joint project - a restoration of an old Miata, a 1.8 NBFL from 2002.

Soon after Peter and Dimmer realised that they equally share a passion for automotive performance engineering. The joint desire to develop their hobby further lead the two car enthusiasts to try their hand at fabricating parts not just for themselves, but for others.

With Peter dailying an NB MX-5, Dimmer having owned an NC MX-5 before, and now a joint Mk2.5 NB project, it quicly became clear that the Miata would become the first test platform for new venture.

If you want to meet Peter and Dimmer (and Peter's lovely NB) watch this short clip: