GT86 / BRZ / FRS Strut Covers

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NEW: OEM strut fit now available - these covers are coffee-lid shaped, as opposed to conical shaped that are default for coilovers. Remember to write the desired fitment in the notes during the final step of the check out.

NEW: From now on it's possible to order covers with emblem filled with another color. It is printed separately, inserted and glued in place. Remember to write the fill color in the notes during the final step of the check out.

Most of GT86 / BRZ / FRS owners don't adjust coilover / camber settings every day. Protect your front coilover top hats or camber plates from dirt flying through the engine bay. Reduce the risk of unwanted accidental setting adjustment. Dress-up your engine bay with a pair of our custom-designed strut covers.

Can feature 86 logo, Subaru logo, TRD logo, FR-S logo, custom logo or no logo at all. Contact us before ordering a custom logo.

Both the cover itself and the emblem fill can be done in color. Currently available colors: Black (default), White, Red, Blue, Purple. All colors besides black cost extra.

Installation is a simple press-fit. Gently push the covers in while rotating them. They will stay firmly in place.

Fits over all common coilovers / camber plates. Due to low-profile design works together with all known strut braces. In case of a very special coilover or strut brace, choose "Custom height" option.

Made from heat-resistant ABS plastic. This is a FDM 3d-printed product so the surface finish may include common FDM artifacts.

Sold as a pair.

Made to order. Please allow 1-2 weeks before dispatch.