GT86 / BRZ / FRS Strut Covers

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NOTE: covers fit over aftermarket coilover top hats / camber plates, but do not fit OEM top mounts.

Most of GT86 / BRZ / FRS owners don't adjust coilover / camber settings every day. Protect your front coilover top hats or camber plates from dirt flying through the engine bay. Reduce the risk of unwanted accidental setting adjustment. Dress-up your engine bay with a pair of our custom-designed strut covers.

Can feature a number of different logos and emblems: 86 logo, Subaru logo, TRD logo, FR-S logo, tS logo, custom logo or no logo at all. Contact us before ordering a custom logo.

The cover can be done in different colors. All colors besides black cost extra.

Installation is a simple press-fit. Gently push the covers in while rotating them. They will stay firmly in place. If the covers don't seem to fit, place them in a freezer for 10-20 minutes. That would shrink the plastic enough for them to fit in easily.

Fits over all common coilovers / camber plates. Due to low-profile design works together with all known strut braces.

Made from heat-resistant ABS plastic.

This is a FDM 3d-printed product so the surface finish may include common FDM artifacts.

Sold as a pair.

Made to order. Please allow 1-2 weeks before dispatch.