The Ultimate Cup Holder for MX5 Miata NA and NB

This is our version of the “ultimate” high quality cup holder for a Miata. We wanted it to be a great looker made from high quality materials. It also had to be easy to install without any modifications to the interior, and have the rigidity needed for taking corners with a large cup filled with liquid. This wasn’t an easy task, and we went through many prototype iterations, but we’re very happy with the final result that meets all of these criterias!

We created something that we think is the missing piece in all NA and NB interiors - a sturdy cup holder, which isn't in the way when shifting gears. 

This Carbon Cup Holder holds full-size cups of any weight thanks to the sturdy design, which fixates the cup holder in three different points - two on the center console and one just below it.

Installation is easy and takes only 1 minute. No drilling of new holes required.

To install, first, click the front part of the cup holder bracket into an existing opening in the center console. Second, secure the other side of the cup holder bracket reusing an existing phillips screw and a screw cap.

Check it out HERE!

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