New CNC router and carbon milling

Exciting moment for Bang & Lazar. Our production capabilities are being enhanced with a CNC milling machine. It's a CNC router from Shapeoko, with a few upgrades added to it. It's a simple yet versatile machine that can mill carbon fiber, all kinds of plastics as well as soft metals such as aluminum.

CNC router

The router comes as a kit, and thus needs to be assembled. It tood us a few days to put it together. We took the time to order and install a few important upgrades that would make the machine more realiable and more universal going forward.

Assembling CNC router

The new router would allow us to perform all milling of carbon fiber parts in-house. Carbon milling is a tricky process, mostly due to tiny carbon fiber dust particles that are an unwanted by-product of milling. The dust needs to be either evacuated or contained. We have chosed to do our carbon milling in a milling bath filled with water. Water traps all carbon fiber particles and can be easily disposed of afterwards.

Our milling bath fixture has a simple yet robust design, mechanically locking the part in place.

Carbon mlling bath

We are very excited about this capability as we now have complete freedom to design and mill virtually any pattern for the openings in the carbon vent, instead of the 'revolver' we started with.

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