Miata Door Bushings -Are You Leaving Performance on the table?

Inspect the state of your door bushings next time you go for a drive in your Miata.

The original door bushings in our Miata’s were completely worn out and needed to be changed in both of our own MX5 NB's. We know that this is often overlooked, and therefore many Miata drivers are leaving performance on the table.

If you are looking for less rattles and improved chassis stiffness you can check out our fine tolerance Delrin door bushings for all Miata generations here

Why are Bang & Lazar fine tolerance Delrin door bushings better?

The unique design with a 'hatched' surface makes the door more locked in place in all directions, both from front to rear and from left to right. The fine tolerances are ensured thanks to precision CNC milling. Our newly developed fine tolerance bushings are designed from the ground up, have gone through many iterations and have been thoroughly tested to ensure great functionality and longevity.

Are they hard to install? 
Installation is quick and easy. Simply remove the two bolts that hold the factory rubber bushings and replace with our solid bushings along with the new bolts we provide. The new bolts are the same size as the OEM bolts, but without the Philips head.

When the new bushings are in place, do not tighten the bolts completely. Just snug them while ensuring the bushing can be moved with moderate force. Then move the bushings towards the door. Next step is to close the door a couple of times to auto-align the new bushings. After the bushings are aligned, you can simply tighten the bolts to secure them in place.

Now the only thing left to do is to enjoy your new superior bushings - go for a drive and feel the difference.

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